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The Architects Handbook.pdf

Thumbnail The Architects  Handbook.pdf
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Product Description Architects must be proficient in a variety of business practices to contribute to, manage, or launch a successful firm. They are responsible for the same...

Advertising Handbook.pdf

Thumbnail Advertising Handbook.pdf
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Product Description From Advertising Age(r), the most authoritative publication in the advertising industry, comes this comprehensive guide to planning, designing and implementing a successful advertising campaign. D......

Handbook Chemistry And Physics.pdf

Thumbnail handbook chemistry and physics.pdf
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Review ...What I think I like most [about this edition] is quite simply its authority, which comes from both its age and the constant revisions... This publication...

Gas Turbine Engineering Handbook.pdf

Thumbnail Gas Turbine Engineering Handbook.pdf
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Review of first edition: This important handbook comes to us from an experienced engineer at a most opportune time. Never has the cost of energy been greater,...

Petroleum Products Handbook.pdf

Thumbnail Petroleum Products Handbook.pdf
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An increasing variety of petroleum feedstocks has produced an ever diversifying array of petroleum products. Consequently, new analytical techniques are constantly being developed in order to...

Centrifugal Pumps Handbook.pdf

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Book Description Pumps are the second most common machines in use after the electric motor. Written by Sulzer?s senior pump design engineers, this is the authoritative reference...

Digital Photography Workflow Handbook

Thumbnail Digital Photography Workflow Handbook
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Book Description The only universal guide to this critically important topic for photographers that is endorsed by the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) and the U.S....

Beet Sugar Handbook.pdf

Thumbnail Beet Sugar Handbook.pdf
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Product Description The first all-in-one reference for the beet-sugar industry Beet-Sugar Handbook is a practical and concise reference for technologists, chemists, farmers, and research personnel involved with the...

Computer Science Handbook.pdf

Thumbnail Computer Science Handbook.pdf
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Due to the great response to the famous 'Computer science handbook' edited by Allen B. Tucker in 1997, in 2004 Chapman & Hall/CRC published a second...

The Computer Engineering Handbook.pdf

Thumbnail The Computer Engineering Handbook.pdf
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Product Description After nearly six years as the field's leading reference, the second edition of this award-winning handbook reemerges with completely updated content and a brand new...

Handbook Working Drawings .pdf

Thumbnail HAndbook Working Drawings .pdf
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'This book must be essential reading for all involved in the production of building drawings.' ASI Journal 'A handy manual showing how to produce clear and effective working...

Broadband Telecommunications Handbook.pdf

Thumbnail Broadband Telecommunications Handbook.pdf
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Product Description Broadband telecommunications, the delivery of lightning fast internet access to the home or office, is a field confusing, competing technologies: DSL, cable, wireless, optical, and...

Air Conditioning And Refrigeration Handbook

Thumbnail Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Handbook
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Product Description * A broad range of disciplines--energy conservation and air quality issues, construction and design, and the manufacture of temperature-sensitive products and materials--is covered in this...

Handbook Of Petroleum Refining Processes

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Product Description Thoroughly revised and expanded by 50, this edition of this handbook offers petroleum and chemical engineers a comprehensive guide to all aspects of petroleum refining...

Handbook Of Civil Engineering Calculations

Thumbnail Handbook of Civil Engineering Calculations
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Product Features * Updated calculation procedures using the latest applicable design codes for everything-from structural steel to reinforced concrete, from water supply to...