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Thoroughly revised and expanded by 50, this edition of this handbook offers petroleum and chemical engineers a comprehensive guide to all aspects of petroleum refining processes. The book features new chapters from Chevron, Mobil, Shell, Exxon, UOP, and Texaco which define technology, pollution-control, and economic aspects of 60 petroleum refining processes. Each chapter covers the process chemistry and thermodynamics, product and by-product specification of all plants. Also presented are estimates of capital and operating costs, and information on the design of additions to existing refineries and construction of new ones.

A major revision of the definitive petroleum refining handbook--now includes 56 licensable technologies! With worldwide petroleum refining capacity expected to continue its expansion well into the 21st century, here is a timely and thorough revision of the definitive handbook on the licensable technologies for producing environmentally acceptable fuels and petrochemical intermediates. A global compendium of refining technologies, this Handbook has been prepared by UOP, Chevron, Exxon, Foster Wheeler, M.W. Kellogg, and Stone and Webster, six major technology licensors. In addition, many of the technologies presented here were co-developed with firms from around the world, including such organizations as british petroleum, Institut Francais de Petrole, Catalyst Chemicals Industries Co., Instituto Mexicano del Petroleo (IMP), and Sinopec International. In response to the forecasts for growth in refining, the worldwide impact of environmental regulations, and the increasing demand for certain product classes, this Second Edition has been completely updated to discuss the technological, pollution control, and economic aspects of nearly 60 major processes, including: Alkylation and Polymerization; Base Aromatic Production Processes; Catalytic Cracking; Dehydrogenation, Gasification and Hydrogen Production; Hydrocracking; Hydrotreating; Isomerization; Separation Processes; Sulfur Compound Extraction and Sweeteening; Visbreaking and Coking; Hydrogen Processing; Oxygenates Production. Each technology covered includes a detailed description and review of process chemistry and thermodynamics, product and by-product specifications, wastes and emissions, and capital and operating costs--everything needed for the initial evaluation of a refinery addition or new grass roots refinery. This new edition is an invaluable resource for all engineers working in the petroleum and chemical processing industries during this time of industry resurgence.

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